John and Thomas Claxton ( Doorkeeper of the House) as researched by Tommy Claxton
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"?" in column 1 indicates that person has not been found in other documentation.  
The Book: "John Claxton and his Family 1771-1900" edited by Emily L. Claxton 1968. John Chart Book Intro
The basis for this chart came from an Abridged Genealogy found in the above book and given to Transcribed  
me early on by Brad and Julia Brittain. Letters from this book prove the connection between John, the  
Bermuda Claxtons, and George Butler. Carol Todd and Brad Brittian have helped with the documentation.  
John has been placed in the Chaddock Claxton chart below the "Thomas Chart" on this spread sheet.  
The pages referenced from the book are linked and appear as "John + Page No."  
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1 (unknown) Claxton unless we can prove that Thomas Claxton is the brother to John Claxton of Bermuda and Philidelphis, PA. As per the 1790 Philidelphia City Directory the rear property lines of John Claxton and Thomas Claxton were contiguous. From this fact an assumption was made by John's descendants that Thomas and John were brothers. We have no other facts to support this.  
2 Thomas Claxton d: 30 Nov 1821; a printer by trade; a former officer in the Continental Army; Doorkeeper of the House of Representatives from 1794 to his death in 1821; Asst. Doorkeeper from the first organization of the government in 1789 till appointed Doorkeeper; Alexander Hamilton soon to become Secretary of the Treasury highly recommended Thomas to the office in 1789; Thomas apprehended Randall after his affront to the congressmen in 1796; Partner in a printing firm in Philadelphia, PA " Claxton , ."; Lived in Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC; Procurer of furnishings for the U.S.Captiol. Procurer of furnishings for the Presidential home of Thomas Jefferson and other presidents. Thomas appears in the 1790 Census as a "Messenger to the House of Representatives." In 1781 a Thomas Claxton served in the 4th Regiment of the Philadelphia Militia (Pennsylvania Archives 6th Series V.1). According to the 1790 abd 1791 City Directory, Thomas lived at 148 Sassifras Street (now Vine Street) in Philadelphia. John3
? + m: Elizabeth Cannon m: 25 Feb 1766 at Christ Church in Philadelphia, PA  
3 Thomas Claxton Jr. b: Baltimore, MD; While in the US Navy he fought in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812 and died of wounds on October 1, 1813; The Destroyer USS Claxton was named for him. John5 ThomasJr
3 Alexander Claxton b: 1792 in Philadelphia, PA d: March 7, 1841; 1806 he received an appointment as midshipman in the navy and was ordered to the frigate Chesapeake which latter overhauled the Leopard and Claxton's station fired the only gun in the encounter. During the War of 1812 he served on the sloop of war Wasp under Captain (afterwards Commodore) Jacob Jones. British later captured the Wasp. Later Lieutenant Claxton served as second in command under Commodore Porter at the Battle of White House. March 12, 1839 Commodore Claxton is on his flagship the frigate Constitution. Order to the Pacific Ocean where he remained in Command of his squadron until his death in Talchuanan, Chili at the age of 49. Alexander
+ m: Rodolphine (?) d: Sept. 5, 1863; Found in US IRS tax assessment list for State of MD Division 13, Collection District 3 on 84 N Charles St. in May 1863;  
? 4 Rodolphine Claxton Rodolphine
? 4 Ellen Claxton  
? + m: (unknown) Woolsey  
4 Alexander Claxton Jr. age 25 in 1850 born in Maryland and living in New York, NY working as an Editor; d: Oct. 29, 1867; There is a Mary Claxton age 55 living in the same boarding house in 1850  
4 Francis Sorrel Claxton age 28 in 1850 b: Baltimore, MD; he was an engineer living in Watervilet, Albany, NY; d: January 1874; Invented a machine gun used in the Franco-Prussian War  
+ m: Cynthea (?) age 27 in 1850; b: in Providence, RI  
5 Estelle Claxton age 5 in 1850; d: 1871  
? 3 Isabella Claxton d: April 16, 1812 age 22 in Washington City  
The Book "John Claxton and his Family 1771-1900" claims James to be the progenitor.  
1 James Claxton is assumed by the descendants of John to be the progenitor. A James Claxton was a farmer in Cumberland Co., PA in 1762, in Chester Co., PA in 1765, and as a shop keeper in Philadelphia, PA in 1767 (Pennsylvania Archives - Series 111 v. XL). Other than the presence in Philadelphia, PA there is no apparent reason to name him as the progenitor needed here.  
The information in generations 1 and 2 below was obtained mostly from Ancestry Public Member Trees as posted by Carol Todd a Bethel Family researcher. This information has better proof for the progenitor of John to be Chaddock than to be James as a lot of the information is supported by the letters betweer George Butler and John Claxton  
1 Chaddock Claxton b: 1738 d: 1785 Sandy's Parish, Bermuda  
+ m: Edith (Bethel) Clark b: 1739; d: 1793  
2 Benjamin Clark Claxton b: Mar 1764;  
+ m: Ruth Dickinson b: Aug 1765;  
3 William Viner Claxton b: 1791; d: 1831; George Butler in a letter from Nassau on 31 July 1820 to John Claxton referrs to Capt. Wm Claxton of the Schooner LEO is to sail in a few days for London. Perhaps this is the same William Claxton  
3 Benjamin Clark Claxton b: Mar 1793;  
3 Frances Edith Claxton b: 1795; d: 1889  
3 Elizabeth M. Claxton b: 1797; d: 1891  
3 George Butler Claxton b: 1799; d: 1847; George Butler in a letter from Nassau on 10 October 1819 to John Claxton referrs to George B. Claxton as our nephew   John21
3 Ester Butler Claxton b: 1800; d: 1894  
2 Esther Clark Claxton b: May 1766 in Bermuda; d: 1800 in Nassau, Bahamas  
+ m: George Butler in 1784 in Bermuda; b: 21 May 1760 in Hartford, CT; d: 29 Dec 1822 in Bahamas  
3 Robert Claxton Butler b: 1788; d: 1843; George Butler in a letter from Nassau on 10 October 1819 to John Claxton referrs to Robert as having knowledge of a contract involving George Claxton and Edward Butler. There are letters from Robert Butler (son of George) to John Claxton  
+ m: Margaret Carmichael b: 1770; d:1880  
4 George H. Butler b: 1803; d: 1904  
4 Robert Bruce Butler b: 1813; d: 1901 John44-45   John39-40
4 Harriet C. Butler b: 1833; d: 1914  
3 Welthea Butler b: 1790; d: 1884  
2 John Clark Claxton b: 1768 in Sandy's Parish, Bermuda; d: September 11, 1844 and buried with his two wives and his daughter Elizabeth in Christ Church Burying Ground (same cemetery where Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush and other signers of the Declaration of Independence are also buried); listed as a ship chandler in Philadelphia City Directory in 1793 thru 1809 with Docks mentioned as "26 and 27 North Wharves", "37 No. Water Street" and " 17 South Wharf" and "Perot's Wharf";The book has letters showing shipment of goods to and from places like St. Thomas,Bermuda, Bahamas, Havanna, and other islands; A Native of Bermuda according to his son Edmond's obituary; Served in the Pennsylvania Militia in 1785 in the 2nd Co. 4th Regt. (Pennsylvania Archives 6th Series V. 5); According to the City Directory he lived in 1790 and 1794 at 17-19 Mulberry Street (now Arch Street) in Philadelphia. The rear property lines of John Claxton and Thomas Claxton were contiguous. From this fact an assumption was made by John's descendants that Thomas and John were brothers. We have no other facts to support this.   John3 JohnPic
+ m1:Maria Assheton in Old St. Peter's Church; d: November 20, 1807  
3 Assheton Claxton d: in October 1874; appointed Edmund Claxton and George Remsen Executors of his will written in February 1870; Heirs were sister Louisa Claxton, half sister Mary N. Brightley and seventeen charities; in 1846 he accepted a mortage on his property on Washington St. in Wilkesbarre, PA.;   John65 John81
not on chart 3 Benjamin Claxton  
? 3 John Claxton Jr.  
? not on chart 3 Louisa Claxton   John81
? not on chart 3 Mary Claxton  
? 3 Elizabeth Claxton listed as a shop keeper in Philadelphia City Directory in 1797, 1798 (Mary Claxton was listed as the shopkeeper in 1796)  
+ m2: Mary Newman m: March 20, 1811; dau. of Dr. Daniel Newman a revolutionary surgeon.  
3 Rev. Dr. Robert Bethel Claxton b: Nov 6, 1814 in Philadelphia, PA; worked as a book sore clerk as a boy; Attended the Divinity School of Virginia and was ordained July 19, 1840 becoming a priest on Dec 6, 1840; On Sept 4, 1840 he became rector of St. Stephen's Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA; For the sake of his wife's health he resigned and moved to West Chester, PA.; March 1848 he accepted a call to Christ Church in Madison, Jefferson, Indiania; May 1853 he became rector of St. Paul's Church in Cleveland, OH; Obtained Doctor of Divinity in 1849 from Kenyon College; Dec 1859 he went to St. Luke's Church in Rochester, NY; Oct 1865 he becomes Professor of Homiletics and the Pastoral Care in the West Philadelphia Divinity School; Dec 1873 he became rector of St. Andrews Church in West Philadelphia, PA;HE remained here til he died on May 24, 1882 age 68   Obit
+ m1: Caroline P. Rand on Aug 31, 1841; d: Feb 1843; dau. Of B. Howard Rand, Esq of Philadelphia, PA;  
+ m2: Elizabeth Scotton June 2, 1844; born abt 1825 in PA; dau. Of Hon. David Scott of Wilkes-Barre, PA;d: Jan, 1867;  
4 John Claxton 8 in 1850 born in PA  
4 Robert B. Claxton 5 in 1850 born in PA  
4 Kathrine Scott Claxton b: abt 1847 in Indiania  
+ m: Dr. John Beale Howard Gittings b: Apr 1, 1837 son of David Sterrett and Juliana Howard Gittings;Graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1863 as M.D.; d: Feb. 9, 1905 in Philadelphia, PA; Physician in Philadelphia, PA   Obit
5 J. Claxton Gittings graduated M.D. in 1895  
4 Francis C. Claxton female age 1 in 1850 born in Indiania  
+ m3: Harriet M. McKnight in July, 1874; dau of William McKnight of Rochester, NY  
Obit 3 Edmund Claxton b: March 16, 1817; d: Sept. 13, 1891; buried at Laurel Hill in Philadelphia, PA; Edmund was a book seller since 1830. By 1868 he help establish the firm Claxton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger. In 1880 the firm became E. Claxton & Co. with Edmund and his son Robert B. Claxton forming the firm.   John53 JohnEdmundPic
JohnWRhenPic + m: Elizabeth Lex Rehn age 48 in 1870 Census; her father and mother were Casper and Dorothea Lex Rhen; Her brother William Rehn is in house in 1870; (Rehn and Lex family charts back to Germany are in the John book) John59 John62
4 William Rehn Claxton b: Nov. 1850; d: 1915; Clerk in Book Shop in 1870; Lawyer in 1900; in 1910 Census he is living in the household of David Aitcheson in Alexandria, VA ( apparent Wiliam's great uncle's grandson) listed as a Newspaper Journalist John82
+ m: Emily Marie Louise LaFarge on Jan 8, 1890 in St. Mary's Church in New Port, RI; b: Oct 28, 1864; born in ? Glen Cove, NY or Rode Island; d: 1919; Father, John La Farge, born in France, Mother, Margaret Perry La Farge, born in Rhode Island; living in Philadelphia, PA with children in 1910; (Ancestry pages are split to pages 3 and 30 Dist 1, ED448, line 40, Sheet 2A and Sheet 16A, line 33); Working as a laundress in a laundry; Obit Marriage
5 Elizabeth Sergeant Claxton b: Nov. 1890; born in Newport, Rhode Island; d: Oct 13, 1991 in New York, NY; at home with mother in 1910 Census working as a bookkeeper;  
+ m: John Humpreys Storer b: 21 May 1888 in GA; d: Jun 1976 in New York, NY  
4 John Storer b: 4 Jun 1916 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA; d:13 Jun 1917;  
5 Margaret Champlin Claxton b: April 21, 1893 in Philadelphia, PA; d: 1993  
+ m: Morgan Hebard b: Feb. 23, 1887 in Cleveland, OH; d: Dec. 28, 1946 in Philadelphia, PA;  
6 Margaret Champlin Hebard b: 1906  
+ m: Richard Wingate Lloyd b: 1906 in Haverford. PA;  
7 Susan Loyd  
+ m: David Scannell  
5 Emily LaFarge Claxton b: July 1895 in New Jersey; d: 1983; no known children or spouse
5 Oliver Hazard Perry Claxton b: Aug. 3, 1900 in ? New Jersey or Philidelphia, PA; d: 1959; At age 19 is living with Uncle & Aunt (C. Grant & Florence Lafarge) in NY,NY attending Columbia University  
? + m1: C. Atteo  
? + m2: D. Fiske  
4 Robert Bethel Claxton Sr. b: Sept. 1852 worked with his father in 1880, Bank Clerk in 1900
+ m1: Emma Reath she died early  
+ m2: Henriette van Stralen b: May 1864 in Holland; aka: Henritta Van Straler John92
5 Jan van Stralen Claxton b: April 1896; aka: James; aka: Jan V.S. Claxton; 1930 working as a salesman in Philadelphia, PA; Niece:Dorothy E. Davis living in household in 1930;  
+ m: Dorthy Mathieu age 21 in 1920; married abt 1918  
5 Edmund Claxton b: July 1897; living in Jan's house in 1920; married 6 yrs in 1930 and living in Lancaster, PA; aka; Edmund V.S. Claxton; worked as Production Director at the Linoleum and Cork Works in 1930  
+ m: Margaret Crawford born abt 1887 in PA;  
6 Edmond Van S. Claxton age 4 yrs 10 m in 1930 in PA  
6 Amelia C Claxton age 2 yrs 9 m in 1930 in PA  
5 Robert Bethel Claxton Jr. b: Jan 1900; living in Jan's house in 1920;  
4 Elizabeth Claxton b: Jan 1854 married 21 yrs in 1900 with 3 of 4 living children; aka Miss Lizzie;
+ m: Charles S. Tumbull, Dr. b: Nov 1847; Physician   John85
5 Elizabeth Tumbull b: Apr. 1881; living in Washington, DC in 1930  
+ m: Hamiton Disston South Sr. age 48 in 1930; married abt 1905; Colonel in the US Marines; Parents born in OH;  
6 Hamilton Disston South Jr. age 23 in 1930; Brig. General in USMC  
6 Thomas W. 2nd South age 19 in 1930  
6 Elizabeth C South age 15 in 1930  
5 Edith D. Tumbull b: Jan 1883  
+ m: Sigmond Goldberg in the 1930 Census he is age 61, been married 29 yrs; , is an insurance investigator, he and his parents were all born in Aurtria (German);  
5 Gladys Turnbull b: May 1888  
? + m: (unknown) Pulte (sp)  
4 Horace N. Claxton b: May 31, 1856; Married 1 yr in 1900; 2nd Lieutenant Stationed at Lubao, Philippine Islands, Military and Naval Forces  
4 Charles Claxton, Dr. b: Sept 1858; Physician   John77
+ m: Belinda E. Caldwell b: May 1861  
5 Sarah C. Claxton b: March 1891  
? + m: (unknown) Myers  
5 Charles Claxton Jr. b: March 1895  
? + m: M. Goodell  
4 Dora Claxton age 10 in 1870  
+ m: Thomas A. Edwards age 20 in 1880  
? 5 Billy L Edwards  
? 3 Frances C. Claxton In 1847 R. Bethel Claxton and Alexander Fullerton are her trustees for sale of Crown St. property in accodrance with will of Mrs. Mary Claxton  
? Need to identify this Mary 3 Mary Claxton d: April 11, 1856; buried in Christ Church Cemetery; (perhaps the Mary age 55 in 1850 born in Maryland and living in New York, NY same boarding house as Alexander Claxton Jr.)  
? 3 Elizabeth R. Claxton b: September 15, 1821; d: May 9, 1847; buried in Christ Church Cemetery;  
3 Mary N. Claxton half sister to Assheton Claxton as per his will in 1870   John81
+ m: (?) Brightley as per will of Assheton Claxton  
2 Mary Ann Clark Claxton b: 1770; d: 1840  
2 Frances Claxton b: 1772 in Bermuda; d: 26 December 1819 in Bahamas  
+ m1: (?) Gibson  
+ m2: George Butler 21 Feb 1801 at Christ Church, Nassau, Bahamas; b: 21 May 1760 in Hartford, CT; d: 29 Dec 1822 in Bahamas John6
3 Edward James T. Butler b: 1804; d: 1894; George Butler in a letter from Nassau on 10 October 1819 to John Claxton referrs to Edward getting an education in America and making a contract with George Claxton to become partners with Edward after his education.   John21
3 Anna Maria F Butler b: 1809; d: 1903  
3 Norman William Henderson Butler b: 7 DEC 1810; George Butler in a letter from Nassau on 5th January 1820 to John Claxton referrs to the death of John's sister Frances and his planning to bring son Norman and two sisters to New Haven and Hartford.   John23
3 Almira Butler b: 1812; d: 1906  
3 Richard Alfred Butler b: 1814; d: 1814  
3 Richard Alfred Butler b: 1815; d: 1905  
3 Adeline Edith butler b: 1818; d: 1912  
+2 m3: George Butler marries a third time to Elizabeth Campey on March 25, 1820   John38
2 Susannah Clark Claxton b: July1774; d: 1805  
+ m: John Younge  
3 Jeremiah Tatem Younge  
Additional research facts I just wanted to hold on to for reference (some of which got used).  
THOMAS CLAXTON NEGUS, an enterprising and highly esteemed citizen of the borough of Bristol, where he has resided since 1876, a period of twenty-nine years, is a native of the city of Philadelphia, the date of his birth being March 17. 1831. His parents were Stephen West and Eliza (Ray) Negus, the former named having been a son of John Negus, and grandson of John Negus and the latter named born in Georgetown, D. C., a daughter of John and Harriet (Claxton) Ray. The Rays were a very prominent family in the District of Columbia, as were also the Claxton family, of which Commodore Claxton, noted for his career in the United States navy, was a member. History of Bucks county, Pennsylvania: from the discovery of the ..., Volume 3 By William Watts Hart Davis, Warren Smedley Ely, etc.
Deed: Thomas Law to Thomas Claxton, 05/01/1816 [Box 1 Folder 19] [From original finding aid]: Lot 5 in square 690  
MS 2090 Property Agreements Washington DC 1809-1835  
The George Washington University, The Gelman Library, Special Collections Research Center  
2130 H. St. NW  
Washington, D.C. 20052  
Phone: 202-994-7549  
Christ Church Cemetery (Ordered by Plot), Philadelphia, PA [Part 2 of 8]  
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Birth Death  
Last First Middle Month Day Year Place of Birth Month Day Year Place of Death Plot  
Claxton Maria 11 20 1807 Section B, Plot XXIX  
Claxton John 9 11 1844 Section B, Plot XXIX  
Claxton Mary 4 16 1856 Section B, Plot XXX  
Claxton Elizabeth R. 9 15 1821 5 9 1847 Section B, Plot XXX  
Philadelphia County PA Archives Bible Records.....LaRue Family Bible, Copyright Date December 3, 1857  
Copyright. All rights reserved.  
Edmund Claxton LARUE was born in Philadelphia (Chestnut Hill) Pa January 9th 2:30 P.M. 1868  
Edmund Claxton LARUE, Died November 3rd, Wednesday, 9:15 A.M. 1869, age 10 months,  
Germantown & Chestnut Hill Cemetery (now Ivy Hill Cemetery, 1871).  
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1819  
1 Francis Claxton: Witness to will of John Wethered of the Island of Antiqua in 1773 it was proven in Antiqua and entered for record in Philadelphia County, PA 7 May 1792;  
2 John Claxton: Executor and Trustee to the will of James Ervine, Phila. Gentleman dated Nov. 11, 1816 and proven on May 1, 1819  
U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907  
1 Isaac Claxton recorded 4 sections of land in Indiana between 1838 and 1840 in DeKalb and Allen counties  
Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825  
1 Elizabeth Claxton: Administratrix to a will. James Claxton, decedent, of Chester proven on 26 May 1779. Adm. To Richard Sewell and Elizabeth Claxton (This does not make sense)  
1818 John Claxton was the President of the Philadelphia Board of Health