Soloman Clarkson/Claxton's (born abt. 1802 in NC) line through his son Wilson Claxton

This chart provides documentation to link Cylvia Jean Claxton Hernandez to her ancestor, Solomon Claxton.  It is not a complete list of known family members.

Cylvia Jean CLAXTON Hernandez - b: 29 Apr 1954 Abilene, Taylor County, TX  (researcher)

    Daughter of Odis Jr.                

Odis Archie Claxton Jr. b: Abilene, Taylor County, TX currently lives in Houston, TX   (DNA provider)

Married: Lota Mae HUGHES Claxton              

Odis Archie Claxton Sr                

Married: Nola Claramon BRADFORD Claxton

Children: Odis Archie Claxton Jr.              

William E. Claxton b: 11 Apr 1878 Athens, AL d: 15 May 1967 at Abilene, Taylor County, TX

Married: Myrtle GREEN  b: 7 May 1880 in Bethel, Giles County, TN d: 12 May 1976

at Abilene, Taylor County, TX

Children: Odis Archie Sr., William Earl, Nora Lee, Leona Lucielle, Lindell Burnett, Jim Grady

William's parents from Athens, AL and Myrtle Green's parents from Bethel, TN lived next door

    to each other in Ellis County, TX          

1900 Census Ellis County, Texas              
Claxton, W.C.  Head       W M Apr 1850  50  M 21 TN VA TN
            Ellen     Wife        W F  Jan  1850  50  M 21  AL AL AL
            Lizzie    Daughter W F  Jan  1883  17   S       AL TN AL
            Tillman  Son         W M July 1888 18    S       AL TN AL
            Huey     Son         W M Mar1887 13    S       AL TN AL
            Carrie   Daughter  W F  Apr 1888 12   S        AL TN AL
            George  Son         W M Oct 1891  8    S        TN TN AL
            Will       Son          W M Apr1879 21   S        AL TN AL    

1880 Census Limestone County, AL  Township One  Range Five
Claxton, William  W M 28 Head       TN TN TN
              Ellen       W F  27 Wife        AL TN TN
              Francis    W F 11 Daughter  TN TN AL
              Sallie       W F   5 Daughter  AL TN AL
              Willie      W M  3 Son          AL TN AL
              Magnolia W F   6/12 Jan Daughter AL TN AL
William first married Lenora Thomas in Limestone Co., AL November 7, 1869
Lenora died in child birth of William E.
William’s second marriage was to Ellen ?Fields? prior to 1880 Census  

1870 Census Giles Co, TN   Pulaski P.O.  Page 14  Series M593 Roll 1529 Page 381
110 110 Claxton, Willis 36 M W Farmer TN
Nancy J. 40 F W Keeps House TN
Willis and Wm C are next door 
Andrew P. 16 M W Farm Hand TN
and Willis is barely old enough
Zefania 14 F W At Home TN
to be Wm. C's father
Sarah C. 10 F W At Home TN
David  L. 8 M W At Home TN
Ellen A. 6 F W At Home TN
Walter 2 M W At Home TN
111 111 Claxton, Wm C 19 M W Farmer TN
    Nora 22 F W Keeps House AL      

1860 Census Limestone Co, AL   P.O. Shoal Ford, AL Division 1   Page 451
365 365 Shirley Tisdale 72 M   Farmer VA    
    Ann E. 67 F   VA    
    Edward J. 25 M   Clerk NC    
    Lenora A. Thomas 11 F   AL   Marries Wm. C 1869
    William Reynolds 17 M   Overseer AL      

1860 Census Giles Co, TN   Lynnville (Cornersville)   Northern Sub Division  Series M653 Roll 1251 Page 89
1260 1260 Wilson Clanton 30 M   Com Labourer TN   Same family as Willis Claxton
    Nancy 30 F   TN   This part of Giles Co. become part
    John 10 M   TN   of Marshall Co. in 1870
    Pew 6 M   TN    
    Z. F. 3 F   TN   Note: Missing Wm C; picked up John
    Sarah 8/12 F     TN      
1860 Census Giles Co, TN   Lynnville (Cornersville)   Northern Sub Division  Series M653 Roll 1251 Page 42
581 581 W. L. Claxton 22 M   TN    
    Mary A 19 F   TN   Interesting names in the same region as
    Wm. J. 2 M   TN   Willis Claxton aka Wilson Claxton
582 582 Issac Claxton 90 M   Carpenter TN    
    Jane 44 F   VA    
    Rebecca E. 19 F   TN    
    Susan E. 16 F     TN      

1850 Census Marshall Co. TN  Subdivision No 53  Series M432 Roll 890 Page 3
44 44 Jerry Claxton 36 M W Renter TN   Jeremiah Moves to Henry Co., TN
    Emiline 26 F W   TN   before the next Census.
    James P. 5 M W   TN    
    Nancy E. 3 F W   TN   Jeremiah is an Exact DNA match to
    Sarah Ann 1 F W   TN     Odis Claxton Jr.
1850 Census Marshall Co. TN  District No 1  Series M432 Roll 890 Page 132
506 506 Wilson Claiton 19 M   Farmer TN   Wilson Claiton aka Wilson Claxton,
    Nancy 20 F   TN   father of William C.
    William C. 3/12 M   TN    
507 507 Alexander Hobby 81 M   Farmer NC   All three of these listings are
    Sarah 68 F   NC   mentioned in Bedford Co. Family
    Calvin 37 M   TN   History Book
511 511 Alexander C. Claxton 18 M   Farmer TN    
    Tennessee 20 F   TN    
    Marshall 2 M     TN      
1850 Census Marshall Co. TN  District No 1st  Series M432 Roll 890 Page 133
524 524 Green Hobby 40 M   Farmer NC   The name Green is used both as a Given 
    Sarah 34 F   TN   Name and a Surname in both the Wm C. 
    Drucilla 13 F   TN   line and the Jeremiah line.
    Francis M. 11 M   TN   Hiram Madison has a Francis M.
    William C. 10 M   TN   Same name as Wm. C.
    Green B. L. 3 M   TN    
    George J. 1 M   TN    
574 574 Goalman Green 42 M   Minister VA   Wm. C's son William E. married a Green
    Nancy 42 F   TN   A Green family moved to Texas
    Martha W. 20 F   TN   with Wm. C.
    Ann H. 16 F   TN    
    Jane D. 11 F   TN    
    Narcissa 4 F   TN    
    Laura 6/12 F   TN    
    William F. Murdock 29 M   Labourer NC      

The following is from the Bedford County, TN Family History Book:

"We have less reason to believe that Solomon Claxton (b. 1802 North Carolina) was a son of John Claxton.  In 1830, Solomon Clarkson was in Lincoln county, TN, next neighbor to Alexander Hobby.  This Alexander Hobby left a will in Marshall County, TN naming his grandsons, Wilson Claxton and Alexander C. Claxton.  It would appear that his daughter, the first wife of Solomon Claxton, was dead.  We believe Clara "Clarissa" Lisenby is the wife of Solomon Claxton in the 1850 census of Bedford County.  The children of Solomon Claxton include:  Wilson Claxton; Alexander C. Claxton; James Claxton (b. abt. 1828) md. Nancy; daughter (b. 1825/1830); daughter (b.1830/1835); Frances C. Claxton (b. abt. 1837).