This is the will of Richard Tinney of Newberry County, South Carolina, son of William and Matsilva Tinney; his brother Isaac is executor of the estate.  Date is 1812.  It is VERY difficult to read.  I have printed above several of the words what I believe is written.  I would appreciate any corrections of what I have done.  My transcription of the will follows the image.  I welcome any corrections/suggestions for this transcription.
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Richard Tinney Will

TRANSCRIPTION OF RICHARD TINNEY'S WILL:  from Tammy Tinney Caine's Tinney family book, used with permission [line spacings are according to the original will and words in red are my own interpretations of the original script]:

Early South Carolina Settlers: Indexes to the County Wills of SC
Newberry County
Richard Tinney
1805-1826 Section H, p. 55
In the name of God Amen I Richard Tinney of the State of South Carolina and district of
Newberry planter being sick and weake in body but of sound and disposing mind memory and un
der standing praised be God for the same do make and declare this my last will and testament
in maner and form following that is to sa (say)  I give and devide to my son Isaack Tinney all
that (the) tract or parcel of land situate lieng and been in the State of South Caratina (Carolina) in (&) destrict
of Newberry on Gilders Creake as branch of inore (Encree)(Enoree) River granted to Van Davees(Davese) and hath
such form and markes as each plat of the same represents to be to said Isack hes ares (heirs) that is
the arse (heirs) of his boddey my will is that if the said son dies with out eighrs (heirs) (sic) that the said
land shal (sic) relaps again to hes brother Isaack Tinney that is the eighrs (heirs) of hes boddey also
another tract or parcel of land eajoining the bove said tract of land containing 49 ackers (sic)
of land laid out to my selfe also eanother parcel or half of each tract of land which cantanes (contains)
one hundred achers (sic) lieng on the same creake eafore said none(known) by the name of Calhaunes (Calhouns) plase
after my beloved wife Ruth takes one third part of the same as her right of dower
to her and after her deth (sic) to relaps to hem eagane (again) and auil (all) the mueaveabel??? (available)(moveable) property
to be sold on twelve months credit and(&) after the debts is settled the remender is
to be equelly devided be twen the said wife and sun.
N. B.(meaning next being or next item) that is to say that this sun Isaack is th son of Deziah Eelkens
and I do ferther constitute and nominate and eapoint Andrew Todd and Isaak Tinney senr' to be my sole
executors of this my last will and testament and do hereby uterly desalow & revoke
& desanul awl other former testaments wills legaciges bequerths & executors
by me acqueese (accqaintences)[this should be some verb meaning to make] before naming ratifiang & comfireng (confirming) this and no other to be my last will
and testament whare of I have hereunto set my hand and sele this 10 of May 1812.
Richard Tinney (L. S.)
Remington(Pennington) Stark
John Stark
Saml Red (Reed)
Recorded in Will Book "H"  pages 372-373
Proved November 27th 1820
Recorded August 9th, 1821
T. T. Cureton  O. N. D.
Box No. 57--pkg No 138 --- Est. No. 1413  He died before 27 Nov 1820 in Newberry Co., SC.