Exercise for your mind and body:  responding to the caller's calls and moving to the rhythm of the music uses all parts of your brain at one time and provides moderate physical exercise for your body.  A wholesome family activity for adults and children with no fancy moves required, no age limits:  if you can walk and follow directions, you can square dance.

This is a universal activity  Modern Western Square Dance clubs can be found all over the world and, no matter where you go, the calls are called in English.

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Mainstream and Plus Level Squares and Cued Lines between Square Tips
Central Community Services Center
55 Jones Bend Rd. Ext.
Paris, TN (see map at left)
Dance Monday nights, 7:00 - 9:00 except Memorial Day and Labor Day
Contact:  731-642-2491
Or check our Facebook Page for current schedules and/or changes:
Paris Squares on Facebook

Paris Squares dances at Central Community Services Center in cooperation with the Henry County Office On Aging.  Part of our agreement says that we do not charge for dances, so there is no charge for dancing or classes.

Our classes usually start the Monday after Labor Day with two "open house" sessions which are introductory.  Classes run from 6:30 to 7:30 with the club dance going from 7:30 to 9:00 on class nights.  Class members are welcome to stay and watch the club dance.  There are usually 15 lessons, one hour each week for 15 weeks.  This takes dancers through Basic and Mainstream levels of dance.  It is important to be willing to commit to regular attendance at classes as each class builds on what was learned in the previous class.  We are a Mainstream and Plus level dance club, so after graduation from the Mainstream class, new dancers will begin to learn plus level calls.

Below are some links to introduce you to Modern Western Square Dance and to demonstrate the Basic, Mainstream and Plus Calls.
Go to and view this video.  It is great!
While you are there, view the other sections for history, etc.
The Tennessee State website for square dancing:
This site gives you access to all the clubs in Tennessee and other info.
You Tube Square Dance Lessons
This starts Mainstream Lesson 1A and will continue through each lesson.
This is a graphic version of all the calls.
Square Dance Lessons
This link is a list of all lessons and each lesson can be run online.  Also has a 2 set DVD available to order for all Mainstream and Plus calls.

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Paris Squares
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