What you are seeing is about 4 inches of SLEET - packed sleet.  In the first picture on the left, there is another step below the two you see.  Notice the tire tracks in the second picture on the left - they are NOT very deep.  There was about a half inch of snow that fell after all the sleet - that is what the tracks show in, otherwise you would not see the tracks.  Not even the tractor or the cows are sinking below the snow level; that is why it is so difficult to drive in - you are driving on ice.  And below the sleet somewhere is a layer of ICE that came down as freezing rain before the sleet started.  Paducah got 14 inches, but theirs was mostly snow; four inches of sleet is a different matter than 4 inches of snow:  you can't scrape it off the roads because it is so icy and because if you don't get the layer of ice that is below the sleet, you have a worse condition than you had before.  This all came down Wednesday.  The last picture on the right was taken today, Saturday - Christmas Day - just before sunset; the temperature has not been above freezing yet.  A little melting has occurred because we had sunshine today, but it was VERY little (and made the surface treacherous because it was so slick).