The first link below is the link to a pdf file of my journal of our European trip, June 2001.
The other links are for albums of pictures from other trips and other trip journals.
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Europe Journal
St. Louis Pictures June 30-July 3, 2005
Hawai'i Pictures Mar. 23 - Apr. 1, 2006
Video of Tommy's Second (and last) Zipline Zip ( Yes, you see rain!)
Journal of our trip June 8-21, 2006 (OK , ND, MN, ON, MI, IL, Tut)
Kevin's Visit with Mother
Hawai'i Journal Delta Queen and Mississippi Queen Together
Pictures of June 8-21, 2006 trip
Shuckstack Fire Tower Hike - Fontana Dam, NC
Video of part of the girls' ride in the simulator
Journal of our Trip to Missouri and Arkansas, July 10-13, 2007
Journal of our Trip to Florida and Genealogy Cruise, Oct. 28-Nov. 5, 2007
Journal of our Trip to Alaska/Canada, July 11-24, 2009
Journal of our Trip to Maine and Canada, Aug. 3-17, 2010
Journal of our trip to Missouri, Colorado, & New Mexico - May, 2014
Journal of our trip in central Europe - October, 2015