LouCindia's Family Album

Links to the PowerPoint slide shows about our family history including many pictures old and recent and the stories behind them.  The links here will open a "save as" screen on your computer:  save the file on your computer - noting WHERE it is saved - then go to that file and open it.  The text in these files is written from me to my granddaughter, so references are made from that standpoint (the pronoun "me" means this writer and you/your refers to my granddaughter; the "conversation" is in the first person)Only the Claxton link is active at this time.

Granddad's Paternal Line (Claxton, Yarbrough, McCoy) Grandma's Paternal Line, Part 1 (Moffatt, Polk, Cox, Glidewell) Grandma's House in Memphis, TN Grandma's Dresses
Granddad's Maternal Line (Hicks, Armstrong, Bilbruck, Marston) Grandma's Paternal Line, Part 2 (Moffatt Aunts) Grandma's Other Houses Grandma's Performances
Granddad Grows Up Grandma's Maternal Line, (Swett, Witt, Harris)