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Most recent research: The Claxton Settlers of Middle Tennessee - can print as a book
Descendancy Chart for James Claxton, Progenitor of Early Middle Tennessee Claxtons - from The Claxton Settlers of Middle Tennessee

Clarkson/Clarkston/Claxton DNA Project Website Claxton Family Research Page
Clarkson/Clarkston/Claxton DNA Project Results        (revised 7/6/2016)
Claxton Family Histories from Wright Co., Missouri Claxton/Clarkson Research Composite(best viewed with Internet Explorer) Y-DNA Haplogroup Migration Map
DNA PowerPoint Presentation DNA Presentation Notes (update coming soon) DNA Presentation Handout
Joshua Claxton of Sumner Co., TN Descendants
Solomon Claxton of Bedford Co., TN Descendants Solomon Claxton Research Notes
Jeremiah Claxton Will, 1808 VA Descendants of Jeremiah Claxton, Fauquier Co., VA Fauquier Co. VA Claxtons
Henry Co.,TN Claxton History Some Henry Co., TN Claxton Fam. Pictures
Descendants of Jeremiah Claxton of Henry Co., TN
Isaac Claxton, Giles Co., TN, Family Summary Isaac Claxton, Giles Co., TN, Descendants Isaac Claxton, Giles Co., TN Documentation
Anson Claxton Descendants John Claxton of Bedford Co., TN - Descendants John Claxton, Bedford Co., TN Narrative
Avery Claxton Descendants John Clarkson, Rives Co., MO
James Clarkson, ca. 1650 England
Thomas Claxton, Doorkeeper Descendants of Henry Claxton, Georgia Family Some Claxton/Clarkson Migration Maps

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Stovick/Moffatt Story Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas
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Henry County, Tennessee 1922 Soil Map

Tombstone Links William Armstrong Will, Jasper Co., GA Richard Jones Will, 1775 VA
Richard Ti(e)nney Will Umstead Sisters, Humboldt, TN Ritta Matilda Glidewell Cox death certificate
Witt Family Pictures - Gibson Co., Tn - abt. 1900 Bilbruck Pictures - Portsmouth, NH Swett Twins - Gibson Co., Tn - abt. 1915
Pages from Tri-State Musical Journal, Dec. 1, 1927 Hellice's Slides Index
Warner Moore Swett Fam. Pictures
Daughter of Samuel Jeffrey McFall
Tombstones of McMinn and Monroe Co., TN
W. W. Glidewell Pension File

Claxton Family Chart Allied families: Adams, Best, Black, Carter, Donal(Darnall/Darnell), Edmonson, Exum, Hickison(Hinson?), Hudson, Huie, Knight, McCoy, Norwood, Parker, Powell, Raines, Richardson, Taylor, Thomas, Wallace, Williams, Vaughn, Yarbrough
Hicks Family Chart Allied families: Armstrong, Browder, Case, Divine, Hicks, Knox, Mason, Mathis, Parsons, Turner, Webb, White, Whittaker, Williamson
Moffatt Family Chart Allied families: Biggs, Blair, Brady (Braddy), Brown, Cartwright, Chestnut, Colburn, Cox, Crossan, Findley, Glidewell, Harbison, Jefford, Knox, Ludgall, McCully, Penny, Polk, Rhodes, Shelby(Selby), Spratt, Streight, Tasker, Te(i)nney, Weeks, Wiseman
Swett Family Chart Allied families: Alred, Arnold, Blackborne, Blount, Bradford, Carter, Cook(e), Cothran(Cawthon), Crawford, Drew, Graham, Haltom, Harbour, Hardy, Harris, Haun, Horner, Jones, Lewis, Pickney, Robinson, Roper, Taylor, Turner, Utley, Williams, Witt,
Bilbruck Family Chart Allied families: Abbott, Bartlett, Beaumont, Berry, Billbruck, Carr, Colman, Coop, Dalton, Dearborn, Dennett, Dow, England, Fabyan (Fabian), Lamprey, March, Marston, Nudd, Page, Peverly, Pickering,Shepard, Sanborn (Sambourne), Sherburne, Wise, Wolford
Jeremiah Marston Chart
(continuation of Bilbruck Family Chart)
Allied families: Batchelder (Bachiler), Dearborn, Drake, Eastow, Goodwin, Hobbs, Hussey, LeClerc, Marrian, Marston, Mercer, Page, Parkhurst, Riviere, Roby (Robie), Sanborn (Sambourne), Smith, Tilton, Tuck, Woods

This table contains links to copies of the estate papers of William B. Sweat - Jackson Co., AR
b. 1818 - d. 19 APR 1874
Inventory of Estate including names of widow, minor children, administrator, and appraisers ( P1, P2) Letter from widow assigning administration over to George W. Millen Request for letters of administration; names widow and other children as heirs
These are PDF format files.  To print, be sure to set your printer to "legal" paper and "portrait" to get the complete page to print. Inventory of accounts of monies collected by the estate; apparently debts owed,  years and purposes listed as well as amounts collected.
(P1, P2 and signature page)
Administrator's Bond Personal property appraisal